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Are Limiting Beliefs Stopping You From Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

Around this time of year during the holiday season everyone begins the voyage of getting back on track with their fitness goals. Whether it be to lose weight, get stronger, or hell, to look good naked, whatever goal is in mind seems to begin to resurface. We tell ourselves, “this time it is going to be different, this time I am going to do “X” and I am going to lose “X” number of pounds”. But within two weeks you are looking in the mirror telling your own self, who are you kidding, you weren’t going to do shit. Because the truth is, you never believed in yourself in the first place. You can have all the greatest goals in the world, but if you do not truly believe in yourself to make it happen, then the odds of you even coming close to doing so is slim to none. We call this limiting beliefs. It is when all the good intentions are there, but deep down in your gut, you know you are not going to have the discipline to make it happen. Some of you may be thinking, that sounds stupid, why would anyone do this?

Well, in most cases when referring to the fitness industry, when results aren’t happening as quickly as you would have hoped, you start to have some self doubt. Then you begin this process of comparing yourself to others, saying things like, well so and so goes to the gym five days a week and is still overweight too so maybe this is just who I am as well. Or he has great genetics, so he is going to look good regardless. Or, my personal favorite, he’s on steroids so I can never be even close to what he is. And, from here we slowly, or sometimes quickly settle right back into our comfort zone, and another year goes by, and we look and feel the same. This is a sad vicious cycle for most people today and I am here to tell you a few things…

One, it takes hard fucking work to reach your goals, no matter what, and it will always be harder than you anticipated I promise you that. Two, limiting beliefs are bullshit. You can literally do anything you want, you must make the decision to do something and have the discipline, and daily rituals to back it up. Unfortunately the vast majority of people will desire change but continue on the same path their entire lives. Psychologists have actually stated that the reason people will continue on this path of no change is because the pain is not enough to elicit a change in one’s habits, which I totally agree with. For example, as a kid I was fat. At ten years old I was 140lb, which is about 1.5 times the weight of the average kid in fourth grade. I was teased and made fun of by my own friends and even family. So my pain began at a young age. And it was here that something clicked in me that made me want to be different. I wanted to prove to everyone, including myself that I was better, and once I started becoming more active, getting involved in sports, and then eventually weight lifting, I realized I had great potential, and that I could achieve anything I wanted as long as I put in the time and effort. Now, if I would’ve told myself a different story back then, like what’s the point, or there is no way you are going to be in shape, not only would I have not achieved my short term goals, but my entire life could actually have played out different.

Do any of these scenarios above sound like anyone you know? Does it remind you of yourself? If so, I must tell you my friend you need to stop limiting yourself and start believing. Nothing worth while has ever come easy, ask anyone that has ever done a fitness competition, or even just ask the average person who put in the effort to lose 100 pounds. It takes time, hard work, and discipline to make it happen. Along your journey if you begin to feel discouraged with your progress, just remind yourself that it takes time to get where you desire. So be patient and put in the fucking work!