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My Current Supplement Routine

“Hey man, what do you take”?

I always get asked at least once a week about what my supplement routine is. So I thought I would share my current regimen with you guys to maybe provide some guidance. My typical morning starts off with either an egg based breakfast, such as scrambled eggs, or I will use the Pro-3 Protein powder and make a smoothie. Since the first meal of my day is also my pre-workout meal I typically throw some carbs into this meal to help fuel my upcoming workout. If I do the egg meal for breakfast, then I end up eating those with oatmeal. But, if I go with the smoothie instead, I will end up adding a banana to the smoothie for the carbohydrates. With my breakfast meal is when I also take my first dose of sarms. Right now I am using S4 and GWXT pre-workout. I take 2 capsules of each with breakfast.

Now It’s Time to Get Motivated

About fourty five minutes to an hour after breakfast I will mix up a scoop of Limitless Pre-workout in about 16 ounces of water and start sipping on it approximately 30 minutes before I go to the gym. I will consume about half to two thirds of the Limitless before I get to the gym, and finish it during the first 20 minutes of my workout. Throughout the rest of the workout I just sip on water until I am done training. After my workout I don’t rush to take in a meal or protein shake. I typically get home from the gym, and within approximately 60-90 minutes of finishing my lift I usually make a smoothie. Anywhere around 40-50 grams of protein total, so approximately 2 scoops of Pro-3 Chocolate, a banana, and 1 Tablespoon of peanut butter. I add this to 6 ounces of water with 6-8 ice cubes. Blend and done. After this, I am really not taking in any other supplements until bed time, which is about 10 hours from the time I have my post workout shake. The only thing I use in between that time and bed time are the Vital Greens Super Food Blend. I add 2 scoops into 20 ounces of water and sip on it throughout the evening. I do this to try to make sure I am getting in enough nutrition and anti-oxidants to support my recovery, but also Vital Greens tastes really good for a “greens” formula, and breaks up the monotony of just drinking water all day.

Nightly Night

The last supplement I use about 30 minutes before bed is Ibutamoren. I take three capsules every night before bed. It seems to help with sleep, and I recover much faster on it. And that’s it, a handful of key items is all I use on a daily basis. What are your favorite supplements?


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3 Main Reasons You Are Not Making Progress

What’s Going On?

So you finally pull the trigger and get started on a new training routine to begin reaching those goals you desire. A few months in you are seeing a little bit of change and then something happens….You completely stall out. Why? Everything seemed to be going well? Here are a few reasons that may be able to help you figure out what the real problem is.

  1. You Grew Complacent- This reason is actually the most common problem I see in my clients. All too often complacency kicks in quickly because you never had a clear goal set in mind in the first place. You wanted to lose some weight, and in the first few months you did, which is good, but now subconsciously you begin telling yourself that you did what you set out to do. So now your workouts lose the proper intensity, you start just going through the motions, and next thing you know you begin skipping out on the gym all together until next year. To avoid this trap so many fall for make sure you have a clear goal, and be sure to make sure your reasons why are strong enough to get you through the hard times.
  2. Your Diet Does Not Match The Goal- Another common issue I see is your diet is way off from where it should be. This goes both ways too, whether your goal is to put on muscle or weight loss, I see it on both sides of the fence. For example, a young athlete trying to put on muscle will most likely not be successful eat chicken and broccoli three times a day. No different than someone trying to lose weight going on a lose weight quick starvation diet to where they end up stalling out on progress after two months. Make sure you get with someone that can help you dial in a meal plan before you begin your new routine, that way you start off on the right foot and are not digging yourself out of a hole later.
  3. Your Sleep Sucks!- Not getting adequate amounts of sleep each night prevents our bodies from having the correct hormonal responses to both help us recover from the day before, and also to aid in fat loss….Yes fat loss! Getting enough sleep allows the body to release the proper amount of growth hormone throughout the night so we recover, feel energized in the morning, and over time see better fat loss results.

If you pay close attention to all three reasons you will notice that they are truly all connected to one common denominator…Bad planning. A wise man once said if you do not have a plan then you plan to fail, and does that statement really hold true for most people. So the best advice I can give you this year is before you jump in head first nail down a specific goal you have in mind, and then put together the meal plan and training routine that will be best suited your your needs. Sounds simple enough, but every year 80% off gym memberships are never used once! So easier said than done in this regard, but everyone has to start somewhere, so don’t wait any longer and get after it today!

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