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Amplify XT is a sarm stack containing Andarine, Cardarine/GW501516, Rad140, and Yk-11. Amplify XT was designed to offer a two pronged approach to helping you get the best research results.

Rad140 and YK-11- These two Sarms are considered some of the most potent available to aiding in lean muscle gain and strength in the gym. Users notice a considerable change in vascularity and strength very quickly with this combination.

GW501516 and Andarine- These two products are great for fat loss, endurance, strength, and toning. Andarine will focus more on the strength and toning benefit, while GW501516 is going to aid in fat loss and an increase in endurance during exercise.

The combination of all four ingredients will create what users call recomping, where you are not only noticing a change in your muscle size and definition, but you are also noticing a reduction in your waistline, creating more of that V-tapered look everyone is after.


We are so confident that Amplify XT will work for you that it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If users do not notice a change in their gym performance and body shape within 30 days, please contact us to ship the product back and get a refund on your order.





Sarms are used for research purposes only and are not intended to treat or cure any disease or medical condition. This product is intended for Men only. For more information please contact us.

8 reviews for Amplify XT Sarm Stack

  1. Matt morris

    This SARM is legit! Just google top SARMS. This has some of the top SARMS out there all in one. And you are getting the daily dosage you need. You definitely get what you want out of Amplify XT. Highly recommended

  2. Kyle (verified owner)

    I’ve been meaning to review this product for several weeks, but I’ve been too busy in the gym LOL. I’ve started out taking 2 out of 3 pills daily and still experienced awesome gains. Within 2 weeks I added 10 lbs onto several free weight exercises. In the same time, I noticed a good amount of fat loss and had an increase in muscle size/fullness. These results came with no adjustment to my routine and close to no change in diet. Can’t wait to see what results I’ll have taking the full dose of this highly recommended product coupled with some increase/variation in exercise and maybe some nutrition improvements (ha- maybe!). Overall, very satisfied with this product.

  3. John Minotas (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! This is the third SARMS I have tried over this last year and nothing builds strength and growth as much as Amplify does. My energy, hunger and focus are all soaring.

  4. Tim P.

    Ran my first bottle of this little gem after Derek recommended it. My strength has went up significantly! Put 25lb on my bench press in 3 weeks. Literally blew my mind on how well this product works. Looking forward to my next bottle and seeing where it takes me.

  5. Evan

    This product is incredible. I was able to cut and maintain my muscle mass with ease and did so in a small amount of time. Highly recommend this product. The owner is very knowledgeable and only sells quality products. Will be a repeat customer.

  6. Owen

    This is best product I have ever tried for gaining strength. While running this, not only did my strength improve, my endurance did as well. I was able to push through those last couple of tough sets that always seems to be a pain to get past. With this I was adding exercises to the end because I had more in the tank! Great product

  7. Ryan (verified owner)

    I was able to put up 25 more lbs on my bench press in 2 weeks. With this I was adding exercises to the end because I had more in the tank! Great product

  8. CT

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this SARM! First time trying it, I’m halfway through and already feel and see noticeable gains! Will use again in the very near future! Anybody serious about training needs to get this product!

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