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My Current Supplement Routine

“Hey man, what do you take”?

I always get asked at least once a week about what my supplement routine is. So I thought I would share my current regimen with you guys to maybe provide some guidance. My typical morning starts off with either an egg based breakfast, such as scrambled eggs, or I will use the Pro-3 Protein powder and make a smoothie. Since the first meal of my day is also my pre-workout meal I typically throw some carbs into this meal to help fuel my upcoming workout. If I do the egg meal for breakfast, then I end up eating those with oatmeal. But, if I go with the smoothie instead, I will end up adding a banana to the smoothie for the carbohydrates. With my breakfast meal is when I also take my first dose of sarms. Right now I am using S4 and GWXT pre-workout. I take 2 capsules of each with breakfast.

Now It’s Time to Get Motivated

About fourty five minutes to an hour after breakfast I will mix up a scoop of Limitless Pre-workout in about 16 ounces of water and start sipping on it approximately 30 minutes before I go to the gym. I will consume about half to two thirds of the Limitless before I get to the gym, and finish it during the first 20 minutes of my workout. Throughout the rest of the workout I just sip on water until I am done training. After my workout I don’t rush to take in a meal or protein shake. I typically get home from the gym, and within approximately 60-90 minutes of finishing my lift I usually make a smoothie. Anywhere around 40-50 grams of protein total, so approximately 2 scoops of Pro-3 Chocolate, a banana, and 1 Tablespoon of peanut butter. I add this to 6 ounces of water with 6-8 ice cubes. Blend and done. After this, I am really not taking in any other supplements until bed time, which is about 10 hours from the time I have my post workout shake. The only thing I use in between that time and bed time are the Vital Greens Super Food Blend. I add 2 scoops into 20 ounces of water and sip on it throughout the evening. I do this to try to make sure I am getting in enough nutrition and anti-oxidants to support my recovery, but also Vital Greens tastes really good for a “greens” formula, and breaks up the monotony of just drinking water all day.

Nightly Night

The last supplement I use about 30 minutes before bed is Ibutamoren. I take three capsules every night before bed. It seems to help with sleep, and I recover much faster on it. And that’s it, a handful of key items is all I use on a daily basis. What are your favorite supplements?


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How To Get The Best Night’s Sleep

In today’s modern world sleep has been put on the back burner in many people’s lives. The average person today is burning the candle at both ends, during the week and then attempting to play catch up on there weekends. New research has actually been showing that the “playing catch up” game doesn’t work. In fact practicing this messes with your natural circadian rhythm and over time can increase your risk of heart disease. So your best bet is to get as much quality sleep as you can consistently each night. Here are a few surefire ways to help you get that quality sleep you are looking for.

  1. Try not to eat anything within 2 hours of bedtime. Not eating before bedtime will help the body release the correct hormones, like GH(growth hormone), which will help promote more restful, quality sleep.
  2. Take a warm bath followed by stretching before bed. Keeping the muscles nice and relaxed before bed will help put you into a sleep state faster.
  3. Be sure to ditch the blue lights! This includes tv, phones, and computers. Blue light from these products can be very disruptive to your sleep.
  4. Keep it cool in your room. Heat can be a tough environment to get the body into a sleep state, so be sure to have the ac on if you plan on getting quality rest.

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Do You Need To Change Gyms?

Should I Change Gyms?

This is a question I think doesn’t get asked often enough and leads people to complacency and “average” thinking very quickly when it comes to getting the results they want at the gym. Here are a few simple things to ponder on to make you either realize you are where you need to be, or it’s time to move on.

Biggest Fish in a Tiny Pond

Are you the biggest, strongest, fittest, most consistent gym goer at your local 24 hour spot? If so….It’s time to switch gyms. Why you ask? You need to surround yourself with people of your caliper or hopefully you can surround yourself with people that are even better than yourself to help keep your competitive fire alive. If you are an advanced lifter training with beginners, novices, and intermediates at the local YMCA, you may look like the hulk there, but the truth is you may be robbing from your own potential.

What Does Your Gym Really Offer?

Where I am going with this one is does your gym offer personal training, classes, or anything that could be of benefit to your overall goals, or are they offering you free candy, pizza, and soft drinks as an incentive because you decided to show up to the gym today? Clearly the pizza and candy is a problem if you have any amount of drive to make yourself better. And if you actually think that a gym giving away this kind of crap is okay, then please stop reading my blog because you clearly do not get it, and you never will….Seriously thou. So make sure that your gyms attitude and motivation is looking out for your best interest, otherwise make a run for it.

How Is The Atmosphere?

When you are at your gym working out, are you noticing a lot of like minded people working toward something? In other words, no matter their fitness level do you notice good effort being put in or is it more of a social club? You can have all the motivation in the world heading into a gym, but there is something about going in the gym and seeing a whole crowd of people that could just as soon be at a coffee shop bullshitting about nothing. It can take your motivation level from a 10 to a 4 pretty quick. Gives you the impression that as long as we show up and eventually get through our lifting routine we should see some results. Now, if you have been a gym avid gym goer for some time you know this is a fairy tale, but if your newer to the gym scene, this type of environment can be extremely impressionable on you. So my advice here is, find a gym where you notice people of all ages really putting in some time and work. These are people you can most likely learn something from. The only thing you will learn from the social club is who won the game last night.

In closing, I urge clients to give this sort of stuff a lot of thought because I would say 90% of getting in shape is mental. It’s getting in the right frame of mind, day in and day out consistently that is going to get you the absolute best results. And you do not have the time to waste wanting to deal with issues that can already be avoided such as these above.

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STOP Ego Lifting!

A Mild Rant

Today’s topic is more of a rant than anything else. So I go to the gym today and I noticed this issue more than I care to say, which is absurd. Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being motivated and ready to workout, but please perform your lifts properly. You will not get anywhere trying to throw on another 10-20 pounds of weight, when the original amount was already too much as it is!

Learn Proper FormĀ 

So my message today is make sure you are doing your lifts correctly, with proper form. If you have a spotter they should not be getting a light workout helping you lift the weight off your back. I literally saw this from three different groups within 30 minutes. Do a weight you can handle on your own. Your spotter is there for a lift off, and support just in case you can’t get the weight, not to curl it off your chest when it caves you in!

If you need help learning proper technique for the love of god drop the ego and ask someone. If you know you are already doing something wrong the worst that could happen is you actually learn how to do it right! And if you are worried about asking and “looking stupid” just remember the dumbest question is the one not asked, especially in the gym….Because when you fuck up, everyone sees it. Ok I’m done now. Tell you what just don’t end up like the folks in this video below.


Almond Joy Protein Smoothie

So I ended up making this smoothie recipe by accident the other day when I was trying to make a low carb meal replacement shake for myself. Check it out.

Almond Joy Smoothie

2 scoops whey revolution protein powder

2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream

12 oz 50/50 blend of almond and coconut milk unsweetened

4 ice cubes


Super easy to make, has only 8 carbs, and it is delicious.

almond joy smoothie

Should I Compete?

Am I Ready?

Being ready to compete in a bodybuilding or fitness competition takes a ton of hard, work, consistency, and dedication to not only your lifting routine, but your diet as well. Week after week you will be on the grind, unable to stray from the contest prep diet to ensure you get the best results possible going into your show. These two basic principles will never go away if you desire to do shows. But, if you are questioning whether or not you should compete and you haven’t before here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself.

What are your reasons for wanting to compete?

Is it for the love of the sport? Is it because you want to be the best? Or is it simply a fun challenge? Well regardless, you need to have some strong reasons why you are doing this, because when you start getting closer to your competition, your depleted, and not able to eat certain foods, being able to justify your means can sometimes be tough. You start telling yourself, well who really cares if I do this or not, or i’m not going to place well anyway etc. People will justify anything when they are uncomfortable or when the going gets tough. So keep in mind that whatever reason you are deciding to do this better be a good one.

Who are you?

No really though….What I mean is who are you trying to be? There are a ton of different federations and divisions these days so you could go a bunch of different routes. You have regular bodybuilding, physique, classic physique etc. All of these carry with them a different look to achieve. For visual images I urge you to look up the difference in the builds of these competitors, and different body weights they carry for the show. Before starting any show prep, get a good grasp of who you really are and who you are not. Do not let someone talk you into doing a bodybuilding show when you clearly have the build of a physique guy.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

Bodybuilding and Fitness are extreme sports in that it takes a great deal to get your physique to a top level. So, if your goal is to not only compete, but to become a professional you gotta ask yourself are you willing to do whatever it takes to not only compete but to win? The bodybuilder of today has there competition schedule down to a science from there training, diet, sleep schedule, and supplementation, everything is planned out.

One last note

I want to leave all you future competitior’s with one last piece of advice moving forward. Do not get frustrated. There are a few things you need to keep in mind. For your first show you will not be ready. I don’t care how much prep you do you will not be ready for your first show. In fact there is a good chance you will not even make the top 10. But that’s okay. You are not expected to come out of the gates getting first or second. That will come with time. The first step is going through the prep the best you can and then moving forward from there.


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Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

Here is a new addition to our smoothie recipes for those of you that love orange creamsicle. Check it out!

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Ingredients

1 small orange peeled

2 Tablespoons of heavy whipping cream

splash of orange juice

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 scoops whey revolution

ice cubes, approximately 4

whey revolution protein smoothie

Are You Stuck? Break Through Lifting Plateaus With Dropsets

Am I Really Stuck Though?

To actually determine if you have truly hit a major sticking point ask yourself some basic questions such as has my training been on point, every session? Or have I been eating enough protein and other nutrients to support my workouts. Have I been getting enough sleep to recover properly? All these things will ultimately play a big role in whether you progress or not, so make sure these three are nailed down first.

Ok…Your Stuck, What Now?

To break through a lifting plateau there are little things you can add to a workout to up the intensity and help you push past that sticking point. One of the simplest to incorporate is the drop set. The drop set is an additional set that will be included immediately after your last set of a particular exercise. So let’s say you were struggling to increase your bench press and you were doing the following weights…

Bench Press 3 sets x 6 reps with 225lb

Here you are performing 3 working sets of 6 reps per set. Now what a drop set is, is were you add an additional set onto the end of the workout. The key to this set is to perform it immediately after the 3rd set with as little rest as possible. Another key here is you will be lightening the weight up for this set by as much as 40% and performing it as many times as you can until failure. So Something like this….

Bench Press 3 sets x 6 reps with 225lb, then 1 dropset for AMRAP with 155lb

The term AMRAP simply means as many reps as possible. So if you hear someone at the gym say this that is what they are referring to.

So try adding this in your routine and see if it helps you break through. The drop set technique can be added onto any of the main lifts like a barbell bent over row, squat, or military press. Where ever you may be having the biggest struggle try throwing it in and see what happens.


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