Are You Feeling Stuck?

Have you been cruising along on your current diet and training routine, doing pretty well for yourself, and then suddenly it seems like progress has come to a screeching halt? If you are there now don’t be concerned I have been there too, and I am sure we all have at some point or another. When this situation occurs, this is when you have to be completely honest with yourself and take a look back at what you have been doing the last few weeks, to really determine how to move forward. You need a plan, a new plan, because clearly the one you have isn’t working the same for you. And no body wants to keep doing the same thing over and over, especially when they aren’t getting any results. Well I guess I can’t say no body because I do unfortunately see men and women at the gym everyday, that do the same shit, and either look the same, or in some cases look worse over time! We do not want to fall into this kind of rut, hoping that one day results will just begin to happen. Step one for anyone in this current position is to look back and ask yourself, did I stick to my diet 100%, and if not how off was I really? Did you miss any training sessions? How was your sleep lately? have you been sleeping how you normally do or has it been getting interrupted as of late. You see, my job as a consultant is to help people find and realize all of the little areas they miss that hold potential for them to progress further and further in there journey. Usually, in these cases I am able to work with clients that are stuck, and break them out of the rut quickly just by going over some of the above listed areas. The biggest issue is usually the diet. Whether it is the binge drinker on the weekend, or the guy that can’t put down the Ben n Jerry’s. This is the fastest way to delay progress….By putting garbage food into your body. This is one of those things you just can’t make people follow, they either get on board, or they don’t have the mental toughness and will power to just say fucking no. To say I am sick of being where I am at and understand that eating the right food is the number one way to get me to where I want to be. I have said this 1000 times and it still doesn’t seem to sink in for people. You CAN NOT out train a shitty diet. Period! You can have the best genetics in the world for burning fat, but if you eat bad and drink excessively your results will be minimal in comparison to the guy that is able to follow the plan correctly. Speaking of diet, since we are on the subject, this is the number one way to get yourself out of any rut, and also the best way to really ramp up fat loss if you do it right. The biggest problem I see when I take on new clients, or clients that I haven’t seen in a while that are stuck is they are eating what would be considered “clean” foods, but they aren’t eating near enough nutrition or nutrient dense foods to allow the body to get out of a survival mode and into a fat burning mode. This piece right here is paramount. You must not only be eating enough of the macronutrients to fill your needs, but you also need to be getting an abundance of the micronutrients, so your body is at a surplus in critical vitamins and minerals. When you get yourself to this position, the body is then able to thrive and will re-kick start your progress. Now that being said, this is where I sometimes get upset, when I see trainers and quote “nutritionists” online charging for a cookie cutter meal plan that is being used to sell to the masses, without any variance in the plan what so ever. So in other words, the 40 year old male is eating the same meal plan as the 31 year old female. Never mind that the male is trying to build muscle, and the younger female is trying to burn fat! This is why, if you are looking for nutrition advice or help, you need to make sure you are working with someone that is willing to customize a program around your goals, likes, and needs. This is how you will thrive, not by buying some 49.99 plan or e-book for 19.95. These are roads to no where. Find someone that will educate you, and help you learn the tools you need to know to be successful. I always tell new clients I take on this…Hopefully, after a few months you never need me again. That’s my goal. Because I want to send you guys back on your own with everything you need in your arsenal to take on any issue that may arise. But you have to want to do it. No one can do the work for you.

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