My Story

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In The Beginning

It all started when I was 10 years old. As a less than fit fourth grader, weighing in at 140lb I was subject to a lot of hazing among my school mates. So this is when I first decided that I wanted to not get made fun of anymore, and get my butt in shape. So I started getting involved in more sports at school and after about a year of grinding, my weight started to change drastically! This is where the fitness bug first bit me. Fast forward through high school to about 11 years later, I finished college and decided to run my own business. Since I have a great passion for fitness and helping others achieve there goals it seemed only natural for me to open up my own health food store. So I decided to partner up with a very large vitamin retailer, thinking this would be the best fit for me since they are such a large business. Well, let’s just say our business ideas differed greatly. Very quickly I realized that the franchise I was in was more concerned with turning a profit than helping anyone. After seeing the writing on the wall I decided to part ways and do my own thing, so Nutrition Fx was born.

Your Success Is Our Passion

This is one area where I myself am very passionate because I am here for one main reason and one reason only. To get YOU results. I am here to not only be someone you can ask a question to, but I am also your own personal fitness coach. If you need assistance with anything diet, supplementation, or training wise we WILL get you the answers you need. We want nothing more here at Nutrition Fx than to have you be successful, and get the results you want.